Egret electric scooters are a stylish range of powerful yet comparatively lightweight scooters.  These machines ooze quality German craftsmanship and are designed by Hamburg based scooter pros, Walberg Urban Electrics who have been producing innovative electric scooters since 2011.  The Egret adult electric scooter is their premium range renowned for being tough, durable and built to last and are all supported by a comprehensive 2-year warranty which includes the battery.

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** PRE XMAS SPECIAL OFFER ** The Egret Eight V2 is a relatively lightweight electric scooter but doesn’t hold back when it comes to packing a performance punch. Building on...
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EGRET TEN v3 X 36v

The EGRET-TEN v3 X 36V really is a superb example of electric scooter craftsmanship from the well-established Walberg Urban Electrics company in Germany. Equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tyres, this offers a...
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EGRET TEN v3 X 48v

With first class workmanship, attention to detail and outstanding power the Egret TEN v3 X 48v is an absolute beast of a machine.  Weighing in at 17kg it is compact,...