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Why buy an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are becoming a highly practical solution to personal, eco-friendly, micro transport able to get you from A to B fast.  In fact, it’s surprising what two little wheels and a battery can do.  The trend for these portable, lean green, electric machines is most certainly on full charge.  Times have changed with electric scooters recently with lots of new companies launching adult electric scooters.  And with technology advancing, these scooters are giving a damn good ride, opening the eyes of those previous sceptics.

Whether you want to reduce the time of your daily commute while adding a smile to your face or simply explore farther afield on long distance urban adventures, owning an electric scooter can not only save you time and money, but can help save the planet and be a whole lot of fun while doing it.

So, what is an electric scooter and how can it help me, you may ask?  Well, quite simply an electric scooter is a standard two wheeled, kick scooter but with a powerful battery commonly located under the deck you stand on with a motor in one or sometimes both wheels to propel you along.  Quite simply they add a boost to your scoot.  Why work up a sweat when you can conveniently cruise with ease and feel the breeze between the knees?

Electric scooters are faster than your standard kick scooter – well they should be as they have a motor, sometimes two!  Though they are a lot heavier they’re more controllable.  Most will whizz you to your destination with ease at up to 15 mph and there are some real speed machines which will have you hanging on for dear life topping out at over 50 mph.   But having a bit or torque beneath your feet also means you can glide up many hills without any effort too.

These eco-electric wonders on wheels are beginning to revolutionise our personal travel and are a no-brainer when it comes to addressing problems with traffic congestion and air pollution.  In fact, there are many benefits to having an electric scooter in your life!

They are highly portable.  Perhaps compared only to electric bikes, electric scooters are the most portable means of personal powered transport.  Electric mopeds are great, but you need a licence and insurance to use them.  Bicycles are also good but require a bit more effort and you will need to lock them up outside with the risk of being stolen instead of being able to carry it into the office or shop with you.  Electric scooters are generally lightweight and foldable and therefore highly portable allowing you to quickly lift into the boot of your car, up that flight of stairs or to simply store neatly out of the way.  Most commonly they’re becoming increasingly popular for commuters either wanting to cut down the first or last mile getting to and from the train or bus.  And with some electric scooters able to travel more than 20 miles on a charge, some owners are even commuting the entire distance to work and back on a scooter.  Think of the money you could save!

They are environmentally friendly.   The pressure to save our planet and rethink our transportation methods has never been greater.  And along with helping to ease congestion, when it comes to helping reduce transport emissions, electric scooters are most definitely at the forefront of the electric revolution.   They only use a small amount of electricity and don’t emit emissions.  It doesn’t get much better when you’re looking for a super eco-friendly way of getting about.

They don’t add to noise pollution.  Most forms of transport come with noise; cars, lorries, vans, motorbikes, mopeds, busses, trains and trams.  But with an electric scooter, you can swiftly and silently glide along perhaps only interrupted by the sound of your sigh of sheer enjoyment!  They can be especially convenient if you are leaving your house early or arrive home late and don’t want to disturb the neighbours.  And who doesn’t like a helpful neighbour?

Compared to most forms of personal transport like bikes and motorcycles, electric scooters are pretty safe.  But no matter how safe a rider you think you are or how safe you believe your scooter to be, we’d always recommend wearing a suitable, quality helmet whenever you ride and whatever speed.  But on the whole, they are a safe means of travel giving you the option to simply hop off when you see danger or an imminent collision up ahead.  They are easier to dismount from than a bike.  Many electric scooters are restricted to around 25 kmh (or 15 mph) but there are some which will travel much faster.  We always advise to travel within your means and capabilities and always consider the ever-changing environment around you.

Yes, it’s true, at present electric scooters aren’t yet legal to ride on Britain’s roads and cycle paths and officially you’re only allowed to ride them on private land with landowner’s permission, partly thanks current laws based on 1835, yep 1835, regulations based on horse and cart driving.  However, it’s fair to say more and more electric scooters are being used around the country with police turning a blind eye to all but those riding recklessly.  But, with the recent pandemic and the need for people to still move around safely while social distancing, along with wanting to ease urban congestion and clean up pollution, the government has been trialling electric scooter hire schemes around the UK.  We’re convinced these tests will prove electric scooters are an ideal mode of personal transport to move us around safely and swiftly from A to B and to help reduce traffic and environmental pollution.   That’s why at e-mota, we’re fully onboard to help encourage the use of these compact, lean, green micro machines which can save you time, money and the planet while adding some fun to your life too!


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