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Are electric scooters waterproof?

Don’t mix electricity with water.  It’s a simple known rule.  Right?  So how do those wise words of wisdom relate to riding electric scooter’s in the wet, which let’s face it, we tend to experience perhaps more than the average bear in Britain.  Manufacturers may describe their scooters as being...

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Advantages of owning instead of hiring

We were over the moon when the UK government announced back in July this year that the rental of electric scooters will become legal on our roads.  It’s a great decision to help reduce the pressure on our public transport network around the country and we think it’s a positive...

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If you’ve just purchased an electric scooter, it was probably a big decision and one we hope you’ll quickly realise was a great decision.  But whatever scooter you intend to ride, we strongly advise you ride it safely, not only for your own safety and of those around you, but...

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